Have you ever started something thinking it would just take a little bit of time… you get 95% of the way done and then that last 5% ends up frustrating the heck out of you? That scenario happened to me this week. I had little project that ended up taking longer than I’d hoped, and I fell deeper in the technical trenches than I wanted to go, but I learned a lot of valuable information in the process.

You see, I was setting up a new landing page for my business. I’ve created landing pages before but this time I was using new software (ooh! shiny!) designed to make the process easier. Supposedly.

Everything looked great – but the devil is in the details. The most important detail in this case being that the landing pages created by the software weren’t mobile friendly. Ouch.

So much software

There are many software programs and apps that will create landing pages, pop-ups, and opt-ins, and weighing the cost of the software against the ease of use, and features (such as mobile-ready) takes time.

One other software seemed to have all the features I wanted, but when I signed up at the $19/month plan, I discovered the features I wanted were only available in the Pro plan ($39/mo). I asked for a refund and got it.

What is a landing page? It’s a streamlined web page with a singular purpose – to get visitors to do something – take an action such as sign up for an email list or purchase a product.

Often this is combined with a lead magnet – a free giveaway with sufficient value to entice visitors to give their email in exchange for the gift.

I managed to cobble together something that works for now, using a combination of my website theme along with a plugin. However, programs such as LeadPages, Thrive Themes, UnBounce, Optimize Press, and more, will all do the trick more easily, though  they all start at around $25-$50/month. These programs offer more than I need for my business at this time but I am keeping aware for any clients who may need help with them.

Make sure it’s mobile

This is an ever-changing landscape, but one thing is clear— it is vital that your online marketing is presentable on mobile devices. Make sure you test your online marketing on mobile, as nowadays, more than half of all online communication is consumed on our smartphones and tablets!

Oh, and for a little fun for you…

Devil is in the Details

Click on the picture to find the devil!

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