Using Technology to Be More Effective In Your Small Business


Are you a solopreneur, small business owner, holistic practitioner, or coach? Do you want your business to be visible online and reach your ideal market but all the technical stuff is getting in your way?

Nowadays it seems there are a lot of pieces that need to be put together. Email marketing systems, social media, social media ads, video, CRMs, and more. It can be very overwhelming and for those who aren’t technically inclined, it can make you completely stop in your tracks.

Don’t let that happen! If you’re done trying to wrestle with the technical parts, Technically Done can help you. We can help with email marketing, social media, videos, and more.

Every time I use my new system I think of you and how grateful I am for your help!


Certified Health Coach, Vancouver, WA

Huge shout out to Peggy for giving me a big FB business page lesson. I just created an ad for my AirBNB. Thanks Peggy – you are wonderful to work with!


Holistic Health Practitioner

Peggy was easy to work with, listened to my needs, helped form a plan to accomplish them within an established timeframe and provided excellent follow up as well!


Graphic Design Studio Owner

Her approach is intelligent, reassuring, and very focused on me, the client, as a human being with great potential rather than a problem to be fixed.


Intercultural Consultant, Portland, OR

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